Chahinkapa Zoo on film

One of Tyler’s request before my parents moved from Fargo to Brainerd was that they go to the Chahinkapa Zoo in Whapeton, ND once more.  Tyler was obsessed with finding the crocodile first.  I think he could have spent hours there.  We did go back a 2nd time to see it.  Tyler even took video of it sleeping.  How exciting.  It was a beautiful day for the zoo.  Tyler was actually a little cold, hence pictures with his arms in his shirt.  We didn’t even have jackets to bring.  The zoo keepers were out and about doing a few things with the animals and telling a little bit about them.  The biggest challenge was to only take 36 pictures.  I was bound and determined to only use one roll.  These were taken with Kodak Portra 400 film.

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