Getting Down on the Farm {Onamia, MN Children’s and Animal Photographer}

I totally forgot that a co-worker Ruth does farm tours at her place.  She owns Rolling Hills Arabians & Farm Tours.  I was out there the first summer we moved to town and since then her animal population has grown a lot over the 11 years.   I didn’t realize how big it has gotten.  Ruth mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she would be getting 2 fawns.  I thought the boys would just love to see them.  Why it hasn’t dawned on me to bring them out there before is beyond me.  I think we need to make it a yearly thing.  I highly suggest the tour.  The boys loved it.  I thought it was way better than the zoo.  Now my kids want a baby deer, kitty and a bunny.  I told them they can’t even keep there room clean, how can they take care of an animal.  Sorry I tried to limit the images to 25, compared to the 40-some on my facebook page.


This little girl Sarah was so sweet.  She was a lover, compared to the little buck, Davie.  He was a bit buckie, but aren’t most boys.

No ride for Collin, he wasn’t quite sure of the pony.

Of course Tyler wanted to take this little guy home.  He/she was pretty darn cute tho, minus the eyes popping out of the poor things head from being squeezed too tight or scared shitless.

This chicken cracked me up.  It was just as bad as a dog wanting attention.  Here it is running up to me.  I didn’t know there was such a thing as a friendly chicken.

 I sort of had a poultry fetish.  Lots of images of the birds, but I rethought posting of 50 bird picture, since others may not be as fond.  They do look mighty tasty tho.

This little gal was so sweet.  Followed us around like a little puppy.

Who said pigs were dirty.  Not this one, she was all about the bath in her water after her mud bath.

Collin was a wee bit scared of the big horses too.  They were fine at first, then he decided he needed to be carried.

 Of course we had to make another trip into the pen with the fawns.  I just love this one of Sarah and Ruthie.  She loves to suck on things.

The one thing Collin was deathly afraid of.  He didn’t want to go see the horses, because the peacock was in the pen (at a distance).  I think the kids still has vivid memories of those noisy things at the Little Falls Zoo.  We reassured him that it would be okay and I had to carry him a bit until the peacock left the area.

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