Ice Flows of Mille Lacs {Minnesota Photographer}

The winds have been blowing really hard for the last few days, so you know what that means…ice flows on Mille Lacs.  It is fun to see the ice pile up and see the force of mother nature at it’s finest.  It can sure do damage.  Yesterday we headed out before I went to work in the afternoon and didn’t see much, but after checking Facebook when we got back we realized we need to go a little farther north.  Dang it.  I am usually on Facebook multiple times a day, but didn’t go on until 2pm when we got back home.  It has been fun to see all the pictures and videos posted on Facebook, Youtube and the news.  Today we decided to finally head out after supper, but were rushed since someone (Tyler) was going to miss the beginning of WWE RAW.  He was getting a little impatient as we were approaching 7pm.  Here are a few pictures of our adventure.  Maybe I will have to go out tomorrow by myself.


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