Jaime Jr {Minnesota Newborn Photographer}

Well I tell ya, little Jaime Jr set the standards high.  He was the easiest and sleepiest baby I have had to date.  I am guessing the hard night he had the night before just made my job easy.  He was zonked the whole time.  It just made me really want to cuddle him instead of photographing him, but I guess it was all work and not much cuddle time.

Stacy Pederson PhotographyHebler_Newborn_IMG_003

Stacy Pederson PhotographyHebler_Newborn_IMG_005

Stacy Pederson PhotographyHebler_Newborn_IMG_007

Stacy Pederson PhotographyHebler_Newborn_IMG_010

Stacy Pederson PhotographyHebler_Newborn_IMG_013

Stacy Pederson PhotographyHebler_Newborn_IMG_016

Stacy Pederson PhotographyHebler_Newborn_IMG_001

Stacy Pederson PhotographyHebler_Newborn_IMG_017

Stacy Pederson PhotographyHebler_Newborn_IMG_021

Stacy Pederson PhotographyHebler_Newborn_IMG_023

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  • Mary Kelly

    These are absolutely precious!!!!! Well done!ReplyCancel