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Well I decided to rent an older, but classic Canon 5D full frame camera and fell in love with the images.  My Canon 50D is a cropped sensor camera, which means the sensor which captures the image is smaller or cropped vs a full frame camera.  So if I have a 35mm lens on my camera it will have a crop factor of 1.6, and that will make the lens an equivalent of a 56mm lens if it were compared to a full frame.  So it will seemed like you are zoomed in a bit more on a cropped sensor vs being a true 35mm on a full frame.  Here is a little photo explanation below.


Another advantage of a full frame sensor is the quality of the image.  They are so much sharper and give it so much more dimension.  It is almost 3D like compared to a cropped sensor.  The 5D is not the current model Canon’s full frame line-up so I will have to sacrifice some of the newer bells and whistles on my camera, but the image quality trumps all of that.  The price is another plus since it is an older version and I will only cost me a few hundred more than what I can sell my camera for.  I was so happy with the 5D I posted on my favorite photography forum that I was going to have to sell my camera and buy a 5D.   Someone chimed into my post and said she will have one in excellent condition to sell to me in 2-3 weeks.  I hope I can wait that long.  Be sure to say tuned to my blog if you are in the market for a 50D and Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 lens.  I had to test it out, so here are a few photos to share of a little session I did with the boys one evening in St Cloud.  I was more than happy with the results.



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