sweet sisters {onamia children’s photographer}

Miss L and Baby G were so sweet.  We had a hard time getting a picture of the two girls together. We did manage to get one cute picture of the two.  They even brought along their special friend Sigmund. He was the cutest little wiener dog. I guess he and Miss L have a special little bond and sleep together every night.  He just wasn’t sure about this whole picture business.

Baby G was sure on the go unless we had her sitting in the chair.

Here she was on the move.  It’s hard for a little princess to crawl in her poofy, fancy dress.



Baby G’s big sis had the same matching dress, but in pink.  We tried our darnedest to get these two to sit together for a picture in their adorable matching dresses, but it just wasn’t going to happen.  So here is Miss L in her matching dress.

This was her mom’s favorite picture.



We had a cute headband that matched the bucket, but she wasn’t liking the headband thing so much.

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