Thank goodness for Photoshop {Mille Lacs Lake Family Photographer}

I totally forgot to finish editing our fall family photo, but finally got back to it.  A few times a year we take a family photo using the shutter remote which can be tricky when you are not on the other side of the camera to see what everyone is up too.  All but one, Tyler had his tongue sticking out.  All but one, Shane didn’t have his definite “cheese” smile.  All but one, the dog as actually looking at the camera.  Good thing for load shutters to get the dogs attention.  I am surprised she sat so well since all she wanted to do was hit the lake. I said good enough with Collin, even though there was one that he was looking at the camera better.   So thank goodness for Photoshop to do a quick head swap.  Sometimes head swaps can be painful and I thought this was going to be the case with Shane’s plaid/check shirt, but it only took me a few minutes.  Well here we are Tyler’s devilish smile and all.  The sun was setting right towards us behind some clouds so some of us were a bit squinty, but I wanted nice light on us and the bright orange colors of the sun shining on the leaves of the trees.  One of these year I am hoping that Shane won’t be so swamped with work as his falls usually are and actually hire someone to do this for us.


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