The Proposal {Central MN Engagement Photographer}

I am sure Lea and Jared are counting down the days or maybe even hours until their Big Day!  Their engagement story is just too perfect not to share.  For anyone that knows Jared, knows that he loves looking for cool and awesome rocks and agates. So early this spring they took a vacation to Arizona and Jared decided that this would be a perfect time to propose to Lea.  I tell ya it is hard for a girl, especially me, to keep a secret of such nature.  Shane, Jared and I were looking on google maps one day looking at the satilite map of where they were going to be staying in Arizona and Shane and I were giving suggestions to which rock to propose on in the area they were staying.  So during their vacation they tour the Grand Canyon.  While at the Grand Canyon they went off the path on their own, away from the big flocks of tourists.  They walk off the trail and climbed down a little cliff to find a secluded, scenic spot.  Here they sat and had a romantic picnic consisting of ham sandwiches and grapes.  Fancy, I know!  After eating, Lea looked around at all the ugly brown dirt around and told Jared to go find her a pretty rock, knowing full well he wouldn’t be able to find her one there.  The Grand Canyon just doesn’t have shiny and sparkly rocks like MN.  Well she unknowingly set him up just perfectly for The Proposal.  Jared looked starteled for a second and told her that he actually just happened to have a pretty rock in his pocket for her.  She basicly called him a liar, tho knowing his luck with finding awesome rocks he found a piece of turquoise or something earlier and had it stuffed in his pocket.  Jared insisted that he did have a pretty rock in his pocket and Lea told him to prove it.  So here Jared pulls a diamond ring out of his pocket and Lea was in utter shock.  She kept repeating oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.  Of course the romantic guy Jared is just asked her if she wanted it, but she caught him and said he didn’t ask ‘properly’.  Well he then offically popped the question and she said YES!  I can’t wait to see the rest of their story in the years to come.  Lea and Jared…I am wishing you the best and hoping for a fabulous wedding day!


engagement photo

engagement photo





engagement picture








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