A Rare Day {Light Inspired Film Blog Circle}

Well I am getting back on the band wagon of our film blog circle over at Light Inspired.  This time around I shot Kodak Portra 400 rated at box speed with my Canon EOS 3 and 50mm 1.4 and 100L and developed at The Darkroom.

I am so tired of this frigid cold that has never seems to end  and so excited warmth is in our forecast right now.  Talk about being stir crazy.  This was a rare day a few weeks past that was actually in the teens and Tyler and I went out for a bit after school and he played with his Terrain Twister for the first time this year.  No, I don’t usually kick my kids out and go tell them to play in the street.  Even when the bug the crap out of me.  Good thing for small town living.  We had just got another layer of snow and it wouldn’t go in the yard.  So in the street we went.










At one point I went to the garage to get the shovel and the neighbor lady drove by and stopped and asked Tyler if he was okay when he was sitting there in the snow bank and then the other neighbor lady walked by when I went in to put the shovel back.  I am guessing they were thinking what kind of parent lets their kid play alone in the street, tho the one did see me out there on her walk up the street.  lol  Well now head on over to Gretchen Willis Photography to see what film Gretchen shot this month.

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  • Stacy, you did such a wonderful job getting lots of different perspectives and telling the story with your son. I love your pictures this month!ReplyCancel

  • Nice! I love that with film, you see all the snow details. Love the range!!ReplyCancel

  • Stacy, you did terrific job capturing your son in the snow! The clarity of these images is amazing. I have always loved how film portrays the reds so much better than digital, and you can really see it here. And what a cool toy! I know my son would love one. 🙂ReplyCancel