1st Grade Craft Day {Playing With Film Blog Circle}

This months Blog Circle post were are using Kodak TMax 400 film.  My images were taken with my Canon EOS 3 and 35L.

Obviously these were taken before Christmas, but you know film isn’t instant.  I volunteered to help for Tyler’s big craft day at school.  I wish things weren’t so crazy to I could try to get a picture of Tyler doing his craft while at my table, but I would have probably got glue all over my camera.  I think I picked one of the messiest tables.  We made a snowflake ornament at my table and it had all of these little tiny parts to glue on that were a bit hard for some of the 1st graders to get a grasp on.  I will just say we went though a lot of those crappy brown recycled paper towels that don’t suck up a thing.  I think I was picking glue off of my fingers for a few days.   It was fun and I did get to capture Tyler working on a few things before I left.  He gave all of his crafts to his grandparents at Christmas.








I did manage to finish off my roll with Collin.  It was a little colder than I thought and I think I might of needed overexpose these a little bit more.  It is hard shooting in snow and even harder for me when shooting film for the first time in snow.  34280032


Oh yes and my little character.  I am so surprised I didn’t get anymore like these.


Well now check out Justine Knight’s blog to see what see did with Tmax 400 this month and be sure to check out everyone else too.


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