Caitlin | Class of 2015 Onamia High School

Meet Cait, Onamia High School Class of 2015.  She has the sweetest smile.  Taking Cait’s photos out at her dad’s farm with her horse really brought back memories of my senior photos with my horse.  How I miss those days on the farm, long trail rides and horse shows.  She is a lucky girl that have that experience in her life.  Cait has had a great high school career running cross country for the Mille Lacs Raiders and also in track.  Congratulations Cait and wishing you the best of luck!!!

Onamia_Senior_Photos1Onamia_Senior_Photos2Onamia_Senior_Photos3Onamia_Senior_Photos8Onamia_Senior_Photos6 (2)Onamia_Senior_Photos8 (2)Onamia_Senior_Photos9Onamia_Senior_Photos2 (1)Onamia_Senior_Photos1 (1)Onamia_Senior_Photos0Onamia_Senior_Photos4 (2)Onamia_Senior_Photos5 (1)Onamia_Senior_Photos8 (1)Onamia_Senior_Photos9 (1)Onamia_Senior_Photos2 (2)Onamia_Senior_Photos6 (1)

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