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Session Details and Information

 I want your session to be fun and relaxed.  It is best to shoot newborn sessions in the first two weeks of life, but preferable in the 5-10 day window.  They are most sleepy and easier to pose during this time frame.  Babies often start with baby acne after two weeks of life.  Newborns tend to be the sleepiest in the mornings, so I suggest that sessions start between 9am -11 am.  My sessions include both newborn and family images in your gallery.  If you have to photography your newborn beyond the two week mark I suggest lifestyle sessions.  My style is more drawn to rich earth tones or natural colors in nature.  If you are looking for a bright and colorful images, I may not be the photographer for you.

Studio Sessions

Studio sessions give you accessibility to all blankets and props and backgrounds.  I use studio lights during newborn sessions, so no need to worry about raining and gloomy days. Studio sessions will include newborn posed on the beanbag with blankets and or wraps, posed in a prop such as a basket against one of my many backdrops, and also with parents and siblings.   I keep my studio really warm to help aid a sleepy baby.  Be sure to bring layers of clothing just incase you are warm while shooting.

Lifestyle Sessions

Lifestyle sessions in your home are a great way to capture your newborn and family in the comfort of your own home.   It is best if you can declutter as best as possible in main living areas such as nursery, livingroom and bedroom.  I will ask that you give me a tour of your home so I can find the best and brightest locations through out your home.  If lighting is not ideal I will break out my camera flash or even a studio light.  Don’t be surprised if I rearrange furniture to complement the best lighting situation.   No worries if I move the couch a bit and find toys and crumbs under there.  You would find the same at my house.  Great locations to shoot in will be the nursery, your bedroom, or your livingroom.  I will ask that you keep your home on the warm side whether it be summer or the winter months to help keep baby sleepy.  If you have  receiving blankets that match your nursery I suggest to have those handy.  I try to use much of your home as possible.  I will bring one prop and possibly my beanbag with a blanket choice.

Newborn tips:

  • Dress baby in loose clothing and no onsie, sleeper is best.  Make sure diaper is on loose so there are no red marks on their body.
  • As hard as it may be, try to keep baby awake for a while before their session.  A bath can help.
  • Make sure they have a very full tummy before the session.  Full tummy=sleepy baby=easier to pose.  I will ask you to feed your newborn before we start.  Breastfeeding mamas, I suggest eating a pretty bland diet 24 hours prior to session to keep babies tummy less gassy.
  • Make sure if a studio session to bring plenty of diapers, wipes, bottles, and a nuk.
  • If session is taking place in your home please make sure it is nice and warm in your home.  We want baby to be warm and toasty, especially when they are naked.  A warm baby is a sleepy baby.  I do bring space heater and heating pad along also. Be sure to dress yourself in short sleeves so you aren’t sweating.
  • Feel free to bring any props or sentimental items that you may want them photographed with.

What to wear

For newborn sessions I usually suggest parents wear something neutral and simple such as a solid colored t-shirt or tank top.  I often suggest white, cream, grey or black, depending on the look they want.  Most of the time your newborn is photographed in their birthday suit, but I also suggest a plain white onsie for lifestyle sessions.  Also I know there are so many fun receiving blankets these days, please feel free to have one available to shoot with.


Maternity sessions are best to be done around 30 – 34 weeks of pregnancy.  We want to make sure we capture that nice baby bump, but are not too uncomfortable yet.  We can shoot in studio, outdoors or in your home.

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