Dare Devils {Mille Lacs Lake Children’s Photographer}

We finally broke down and bought a tube at the end of the summer and got it out last week for the first time.  The Redneck Waterpark as Shane calls it.  Tyler and his buddy braved it and were grinning from ear to ear.  It was a bit windy and gusty out that on two occasions we saw nothing but the bottom of the tub.  We were very happy when the tube came back down that we still had two little boys hanging on and still smiling.  Collin was not so brave.  We couldn’t even convince him to get on with me and we would go really slow.  I think when the tube went up those two times it really ruined him.  He was a little concerned about the boys then and almost looked like he was about to cry.

mille _lacs_tubing_stacy_pederson_photographyimg_0006

mille _lacs_tubing_stacy_pederson_photographyimg_0004

mille _lacs_tubing_stacy_pederson_photographyimg_0009

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