The boys had a great Easter weekend.  Poor Shane was feeling under the weather tho so couldn’t enjoy it  much.  We decorated the Easter Eggs Saturday morning.  We tried using a tie dye kit this year.  I wouldn’t highly recommend it.  It is slightly over rated and tedious, especially when you can just dip each end or sides of the egg and do just the same.  Needless to say they each did one egg, we just went back to the old school way of dying eggs.

Before lunch we headed over to the Easter Egg Hunt at the school.  Collin was deathly afraid of the Easter Bunny, even tho he knows who she is.  He wasn’t getting anywhere close.  Shane said it was because I traumatized him with Santa.  When it came time for the boys to go out and pick up candy, it took Collin a bit.  He just stood there for awhile and wouldn’t pick up any candy that was right under his nose.  I put a few in his bucket and he didn’t want it.  Finally he started to get some.  Tyler scored a bunch of candy, but no eggs for the chance to win a bike and get a chocolate bunny.

We planned to get up and go to the early church service and have waffle breakfast there.  I got up to get ready for church, but Shane got up  and was feeling really terrible so we stayed home.  Tyler had put out their Easter baskets out Saturday evening with notes and a picture of the Easter Bunny.  We have been using the same nice baskets for a few years now (we just put the same ones out for the bunny to fill and hide) so Tyler thought it would be funny to trick the Easter Bunny next year and get new ones. This year I got an idea to get new pails for the sandbox and use those as their baskets.  I wasn’t sure how they would take it when they would find their baskets sitting empty.  I did threaten the boys a few times if they didn’t clean up their toys so I could vacuum before company came, they would get rabbit turds in their baskets.  So when Tyler came to me sad Sunday morning that their baskets were empty, I did a little save so he wouldn’t start to get upset, I asked him if there were rabbit turds in the baskets.  He said there wasn’t, so I said that the Easter Bunny must have brought them new baskets this year.  So Tyler woke up Collin to start looking for them.  I had a big and small pail for each of them.  The first one Tyler found easy in the back porch.

Tyler looking for the rest.

Collin eating his candy while his brother did the work looking for the other pails.  He is pretty smart and weasels out of work easily as you can see.

Found them behind the kitchen!  Tyler did wonder how the Easter Bunny knew their names.

They scored lots of fun stuff for outside.  Sidewalk chalk, bug cages, air planes the can fly outside, play dough, money and a little bit of candy.

 On Sunday, Shane’s family came to your house for Easter.  It was fun to have everyone over.  I love entertaining, even in my small house.  After lunch it was time to start the Easter Egg Hunt.  Last year Tyler and Jacey were watching in the porch where we were hiding the eggs out front, so this year we made them stay in the basement while we hid them outside.  First we tried to get a picture of all the grandkids sitting on the front steps, but little Jaclyn wasn’t having any of it.

So we let the little kids start first, since last year Tyler and Jacey started taking all eggs before poor Collin could get to them and he started to cry.

Jaclyn actually spied this one all on her own up in the tree and really wanted it down.

Everyone kept missing this bright pink egg.  We tried to point out to these two that they were missing one in this area and it took them a minute to spot it and then it was a race to get it.

The big kids with their loot, starting on their sugar high.  Good thing there are a small amount of candy in each egg.

Well I have everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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