I am in Heaven {Onamia, MN Children’s Photographer}

We finally had a day that wasn’t full of gloom, so I took the kids out for a few min after school before the sun went down.  Boy, I don’t like the sounds of that….after school and sun going down.  We only have 45 min after school until the sun sets.  Dang daylight savings.  Well anywho…they weren’t too cooperative, but they gave me a few minutes to play my new Canon 5D Mark III paired with my 100L.  The colors were to die for, tho more on the red side than what I am used too.  The colors were so rich and I hardly had to do a thing to them.  The only thing that I noticed is that my 100L is front focusing.  I definitely need to do a focus test with my two lenses today and micro-adjust them so they are spot on.  I am so happy I have that feature again.  Well here are a few from last night.

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