Kindergarten Graduate!!!

It was Kindergarten Graduation on Thursday!  It was such a cute ceremony.  They had the elementary band play for them like a real graduation ceremony.  I didn’t realize what a big ordeal it was, but the elementary gym was packed.  I knew I should have brought tissues, but I thought I could be strong.  I should have known better.  Tyler is usually a clean eater, but on days that count like picture day and graduation day he slops on his shirt.  Oh well.  They first came in and sang us a couple of cute songs.  Tyler has been singing this funny one quite a bit lately.  I can’t upload the video that I took with my iPhone because it says it exceeds the file size for my blog.  I need to try to figure that out so I can upload it or email it to everyone.

Here is our graduate walking in and I was holding back a tear.

Tyler walking up to his teacher, Mrs. Samuelson to get his diploma.  At the end of the ceremony Mrs. Patterson read a poem and I started to cry and Shane just started laughing at me so hard his face turned read. He was trying to distract me from crying more, thus I didn’t get to hear the rest of the poem.  It probably was distracting others around us too.  He wonders how I will be once he graduates High School.  He did admit it was my job to be the emotional one.

His future is so bright he has to wear shades!

Well as I dropped Tyler off for his last day of school today I had a little tear in my eye.  I can’t believe how my little 5 lbs baby has grown up.  Today they are having a picnic at the city park so I think I might walk over to say hi and be mamarazzi for is last day of school.




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