Halloween 2014 | Central Minnesota Children’s Photographer

Even though it was a chilly day, Halloween was better than I anticipated with the weather.  Thank goodness there was no wind.  We started the fun with the Halloween Parade at school.  I must say I liked the Halloween parade much better in the gym this year than standing in the hallway like previous years.  I felt like I had more opportunity to see the costumes as they paraded around they gym, instead of them just walking by quick in the hallway.  Also, it was much more comfortable sitting than standing.  Collin didn’t look so thrilled again.  Well, he wasn’t that all thrilled with Halloween, period, this year.  Pretty much had to drag him out trick or treating this year.  Not sure what his deal was.  Tyler was rearing to go tho.  Of course Mr tough guy Tyler wouldn’t even wear his sweatshirt under his costume, so he was pretty darn cold towards the end.  Which was good, otherwise I think we would have done a lot more walking.  He actually declined walking one more block which we had planned and wanted to go back home.  He always likes to see all of his friends come to his house anyways and hand out candy.  So I guess it is a win, win for him to head home early.  I was surprised for the boy who doesn’t like to share his own candy, actually dug into his bag and found a few handfuls when out stash was getting low.  A few were Almond Joys, among other things, but he still dug into his stash.  Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  I am enjoying seeing all the post on Facebook.



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