Kindergarten Graduation

I thought for sure this was going to be a really sad day for me.  At Tyler’s graduation, I was a sobbing to the point I think Shane was getting embarrassed.  I had Kleenex in hand, but didn’t need to use them today.  Collin on the other hand didn’t fair so well.  He is very shy around strangers and doesn’t always handle crowds well when it comes to this kind of stuff.  I am surprised how well he did at his winter and spring concert.  Well poor Collin did his fair share of crying once his class lined up in front of a gym full of people.  I felt really sad for him.  His teacher helped him find where we were in the crowd.  His really good and sweet friend consoled him and gave him a hug.  He got to move down at the end of his line so he could stand in front of us while they sang their two songs and his teacher had me come down and give him a hug and tell him he was going to be okay.  I was just one of those many things in life he had to work through.  Grandma, on the other hand wanted to go get him and cuddle him.  He did do his part in one of the songs.  (I need to learn how to post videos to my blog.)  We were proud of him.  He even went up and got his diploma with no tears.  I can’t believe my baby has finish Kindergarten.  Though he is not a huge fan of school and would rather be playing at daycare, he had a fabulous year and learned so much.   It also helps that he had a fabulous teacher.  It make me sad to see them grow up.  I wish they could just stay this age forever…sweet and innocent.


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