Little Miracles {MN Newborn Twin Lifestyle Photographer}

I tell ya, Jase and Benjamin are definitely two little miracles.  After years of hope and disappointment, Marie and Steve got the best gift ever from Marie’s sister.  Surrogacy.  Yes, this is why Marie still looks smokin hot after having twins, her sister carried these two cuties.  These too little guys are sure lucky to have such loving parents.  I am not sure what Marie and Steve’s fur babies are thinking at this point.  I am sure in a few years, Charlie and Josie will be herding Jase and Benjamin around the yard keeping them out of harms way or Jase and Benjamin will be crawling all over them trying to ride them like horses.  Well anyways here is Benjamin and his littler brother Jase and as Marie joked Benjamin got all the hair and nutrition.



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