Spring Concert

Tyler had his spring concert this Thursday.  They did a really good job, considering that they were not so well behaved during their practice that day.  As a punishment the elementary classes had to sit and stare at the playground instead of playing right before school was out that afternoon.  Their theme was “Americans All” celebrating Americas cultural diversity, which hits home in our small community.  Tyler even had a speaking part and did fabulous.  It was cute.   He was talking about Tae Kwon Do and did a little kick, but he had his hands in his pockets so he didn’t have the full effect as it did when he practiced.  He was so exuberant when he was practicing, I was nervous is he did it to that extent he would kick over the microphone.  Oh and I just have to add that the guy sitting in the second row with bald/shaved head is one that has to do with my last blog post here. Tyler is in the first row, second one on the left.

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