The Big Hill {Mille Lacs County Children’s Photographer}

I sarcastically call it the big hill.  When it snows, the little church at the end of the block piles up a little snow hill when it clears the snow.  Even though it is small, the kids still have fun without having to take a drive to Kathio sledding.  We need another good snowfall.  After the rain and couple of warm days, it has dwindled a bit.  These were taken on Fujicolor Pro 400H film with my Canon EOS 1 and I believe my 50mm 1.8 lens, but it could have been my 35L.  I was bummed that my scans came back with a nice streak across the top.  I can’t tell if it is in the negatives or just the scan.  I fixed the easy ones.  Since the point of film for me is not to edit, I wasn’t taking the time to fix the detailed images.  I think I can say now that I am loving my Canon EOS 3 camera.








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