Our Drizzly Halloween

It started with a search for the perfect costume.  It is weird when your kids are old enough to maneuver around the internet.  I brought up Party America site for Tyler and he found the perfect horror costume.  It took a good week of bugging me when was I going to order it, but I finally ordered it for him along with a costume Collin then picked out.  Easy peasy.  When people would ask Tyler what he was going to be every one would giggle because when he would say a horror guy they instantly thought he said ‘whore’ guy.  lol   They boys woke up in excitement, Halloween morning, since they could wear their costume to school that day.  Collin said this was the best day ever and was excited about the Halloween party and parade.  I guess Disney World was a bust in his eyes or just long forgotten….  Well they had a great day at school and Tyler was excited for his friend to come after school to go trick-or-treating with us.    We hit up the businesses and nursing home after school and the kids made a haul.  They even make a little girl cry when they walked through the door of the printing shop.  Oh boy.  Why can’t they wear something funny and cute?  We went home for a little bit of supper.  The kids enjoyed seeing friend come up to the door before going out that they didn’t eat much.  My parents came to our house to watch the parade, cooked us pizza and handed out candy so we could all go out as a family for once.  On great thing about living in a small community is seeing all of yout school friends out and about during events such as this.  The kids get pretty excited.  We had to stop for a few hugs and hellos on our trek from house to house.  Collin got tuckered out and only went part of the way.  Oh and the best part is when certain parents get a special treat too…BEER.  Oh course the kids had to blurt out loudly…why don’t we get beer.  Well here are a few pictures from our slightly wet day.  Btw Tyler is in the black and white striped costume and Collin is the black ninja.


















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