time flies {chaska childrens photographer}

Boy how time sure flies.  Not only do I notice it with my own kids, but I notice it with my friends kids too.  I feel fortunate to be able to capture milestones and memories for my best friends.    Here was sweet little Miss Clara just at a few weeks old.

Here is the little cutie is 6 mo old now and starting to sit up on her own.  It just seemed like the other day she was born.  You should have seen her cute little curly mohawk that we tried our best to tame down with a hair clip.  She is just too cute.  Just look at that smile.

Here is her big brother Kalin.  He just turned 3 not long ago, but I swear he looks like he is at least 4.  I think he is going to be one tall kid, not to mention quite the handsome guy.

Kalin is so good with his little sister.  These two are just adorable.

Can you tell someone is teething.  She couldn’t get enough of chewing on the bucket or her pretty little dress.

By the sounds of it Kalin is becoming a big basketball fan.  I wonder where he gets that from…it’s not from his dad.  I sure remember our college days and his mommy was a huge NBA fan and a pretty good basketball player herself. 

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