Tree Decorating | Minnesota Children’s Photographer

I am not sure why, but I am starting to feel like I was already panicking inside a little bit this Christmas season.  I think it all started with not going out shopping the afternoon on Black Friday.  Then not getting the tree picked out until a few days into December and then not decorated until the 5th.  A visit with Santa at the mall the other evening, and now to decorate the house today, after a good dusting and cleaning of course, I feel like the last few days I am finally getting things organized in my head and on paper and the panic is starting to lift.  I just want to have things in place so I can enjoy the season instead  worrying about last minute gifts and other things.  It is funny how they were so eager to carry up all the boxed and totes to help, but not to put them away when we were done.  I could barely get through eating my own supper before they were digging in storage for the decorations.  It is cute listening them talk about certain ornaments and memories of when or who they got them from.  Tyler was excited to put the cross up that we gave Great Grandma Dorothy and we got to have after her passing.  Here is a share of some messy haired boys happy to finally decorate the tree, along with one picture I snuck of Santa and Christmas light display in Peirz on our way home from St Cloud.  BTW this year I was a bit upset they didn’t let me take pictures or video from the outside of Collin’s visit with Santa.


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