First Big Snow | Central Minnesota Children’s Photographer

Our first real snow started today.  We are in for a big one.  I guess there is no easing into winter this year.  Possibly up to a foot of snow, some places in Wisconsin may see close to 2 feet.  We went outside to play and first rounds of shoveling this morning.  Of course Shane is gone this week and I will be manning the snowblower for the first time.  Tyler was very nice and tried his best to shovel off the neighbors steps.  I think he realized how hard it was.  Maybe we need to invest into a small shovel for him to maneuver.  Now to get the snow pants to dry for round 2 of play later today.  Hoping everyone stays warm and safe during this.

snow_dayfirst _snowmn_snow_kidssnow_kids_minnesota

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