Natural Light Workshop

I started a natural light workshop last week and this weeks assignment is my favorite type of lighting…Backlighting.  I love the effects it produces on a bright sunny evening at sunset, especially when it is just peeking through the trees.  The warm orange and yellow tones are to die for.  I convinced Tyler to give me just 10 min to help me out, but it required a piece of gum, which was sticking out of his mouth have the time.  Oh and of course have my images had funny faces or his head facing me, but his eyes looking elsewhere.  I should have tried to get him change is clothes.  I had to get the red color cast out of his face from his shirt.  Bright colored shirts like this (red or pink) can be terrible on faces.  Oh well, my goal was to worry about the lighting and sun placement more then posing him, since that is a lost cause.  I just need to find a few older models to help me out for my assignment.  Well here is a few shares from my assignment.  All shot with 85mm at f/2.8.



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