Cool Rocks on a Rockin’ Father’s Day!

For Father’s Day Shane and a friend headed out fishing on Mille Lacs and we brought the kids after lunch so the dads’ could fish with the kiddos.  We first let the younger two go out, which was basically a boat ride and then the older two.  In the meantime we just hung out by the lake.  Tyler loves rock picking and found the motherload on the pebblie shoreline.  He loves rocks.  Maybe one day he will be a geologist.  Unfortunately, shortly after  Tyler and his buddie got out it started to pour and they came back in.  So they got the short end of the stick.  Not much for swimming yet…Mille Lacs is still pretty chilly.  Collin braved it the most, but quickly froze and was done.  Well I guess fishing was great once again and the big boys braved the rain and had fun.  I on the other hand had to get off to work for the evening.


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