Spoiled {Onamia, MN Children’s Photographer}

Who would have thought MN would have a week of 60’s-70’s in the middle (not even) of March.  I am loving this.  Yesterday we went to the park after school with friends.  Today we (mostly Shane) got all the land mines cleaned up, I raked the back yard, and cleaned out one of my flower beds.  I might regret cleaning out my flower bed, but I was just going to take my chances.  Collin and Tyler played with their neighbor friends today.  They rode bike and their Escalade up and down the alley and played in the sandbox.   We are going to have to get their John Deere Gator out of storage so they can drag race down the alley.  Their mom and I enjoyed a glass of wine while they played.

.  What a perfect day!


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