Kitty Cattin’ {Mille Lacs Lake Photographer}

Grandpa Jeff brought the snowmobiles and Kitty Cat down for the week for the kids to ride.  We finally got a day that we could get out, but it is probably one of the last days for the boys to ride.  What a beautiful day it was.  The kids spent a lot of the time with no hats or gloves.  I was hoping no one would get a sunburn out there.

Collin playing on the rocks since he didn’t want to ride.  It is too scary.

Collin helping grandpa fix the sled.

Tyler and Collin pretending to wrench on the kitty cat while grandpa works on the big sled.

Hailey waiting patiently for Shane to get back.

Finally convinced Collin to sit on the sled for a picture and then grandpa tricked him and took him on a slow ride back.

Shane being his goofy self and taking the Kitty Cat for a spin.


I foresee this as a spectacular FB profile pic.

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