A photographer’s child

Tyler thinks it is funny to do these terrible smiles….maybe because he knows it frustrates me or maybe because he always has to be a clown.  Sometimes I have to threaten him not to smile or maybe just one nice smile.  So he does this and then wants to see it on the screen.  Well any how, my aunt came to visit and we headed to Little Falls to the zoo and walked down by the river and dam first.  I have never been this far down the path and loved the big old trees hanging over the river.  I will definitely have to stop there again.  What great photo opportunities.

Well now he got it out of his system and did a few okay smiles.

Collin and his Godmom!

A little trip to Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls.  I love the baby bears.  They are just too cute and I could sit there for hours watching them.

The peacocks were less than stellar.  They must have been molting.  There long feathers were sort of manglie looking.


Collin needing a little coaxing and help to feel the donkeys.

A little less threatening and more his style.

The little prairie dogs always crack me up.


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